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EDIL HELLAS is one of the first companies that have adopted technologies of natural gas area and organized the promotion, installation and the management. With our highly trained and experienced staff, EDIL HELLAS SA became one of the most reliable energy advisors for any residential or industrial customer, considering that we are able to offer a full range of services, starting from designing, construction, equipment’s maintenance and finally energy management.

EDIL HELLAS continuously improve the services that provide following the evolution of technology, with staff’s training and by maintaining and expanding domestic and international partnerships. EDIL HELLAS involved in natural gas network constructions, industrial, business and residential installation and also providing services to all applications.   

Nowadays, one of the major construction companies that EPA Thessaloniki & EPA Thessaly trusts, regarding network constructions in the city of Thessaloniki and in the greater area of Karditsa and Trikala.

Employing more than 80 people, mechanicals, engineers, technicians, skilled workers and fully private equipment, the company in our days implement one of the largest infrastructure projects and supply of natural gas in Greece.  

The Projects Include:

• Construction of low and medium pressure network

• Construction of Service Lines

• Construction of risers

EDIL HELLAS constantly pioneers, introducing and offering to Greek market, innovations in order to succeed for the efficient use of gas.

The company sells & installs to its customers, the most reliable equipment, collaborating with the largest European manufacturers of gas equipment as:

• Boilers & Gas Burners

• Gas Fired & Water Fired

• Heat Pumps with internal combustion engine

Radiation Mirrors



• Continuous Presence and contracts with EPA from 2006 until now 

• Construction of the low pressure natural gas network, 4 bar

• Construction of the medium pressure natural gas network, 19 bar

• A range of projects including maintenance & specialized services such as:

o Hot Tapping

o Leak Detection Service

o Monitoring of natural gas network service

o Horizontal Directional Drilling

o Cathodic Protection Service

o Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Networks

Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping or “Plug under pressure” is the procedure on which we connect an existing pipe or network, without interrupt its operation or to be required emptying the pipe from the material.

This means that the system, network continuously operates while us performing all the necessary maintenance operations or any works.  

Advantages of the procedure are: 

• Unremitting operation of the network and the equipment related  

• Faster Maintenance Procedure

• Faster Modification of the Network Procedure

Installation of new equipment in any layout

• Cheaper Procedure

EDIL HELLAS, a pioneer in the natural gas area purchased the necessary equipment and also made all the necessary training of the personnel. The training and the equipment provides all the correct supplies to the company and also to the final customer.     

After many years in the field of natural gas, partnerships with leading firms are made and secured. Companies such as Ravetti and TDW are among them.  


The most important danger for citizen’s health and security is an eventual fire or explosion. A fire or an explosion may come from a partial or total abruption to a pipe’s point or a defective part or a leakage never seen before.    

In order to detect any leakage to low or medium networks, a specialized staff patrolling with a fully equipped vehicle from 2007 afterwards.

Every year EDIL HELLAS patrolling in low and medium pressure networks, with the fully equipped vehicle for any leakages or damages. The service provides leak detection with portal equipment in areas that the vehicle cannot reach.  

The training courses took place at Bischeim, France from the trainers of the leading firm, TDW. During the courses patrolling was made with a fully equipped vehicle on Bischeim’s Industrial area streets in order to deal with realistic problems and situations. 

Monitoring of natural gas network service

The need to collect and give information for what exactly happening every day during projects along the gas network from public and private contractors working for others as OTE, EYATH gave a chance to EDIL HELLAS to supervise all these actions. 

Monitoring Service combined with the Leak Detection Service covers as its humanly possible all the range of problems may come to the gas network, problems and damages but mainly prevents such as these issues. The service is made by the company from 2007, four times per year.


The method of directional drilling or HDD from words Horizontal Directional Drilling is used for pipe’s installation for any public company without any trench construction.

In collaboration with Greek and Foreign Companies, such as SALP spa, made projects in the area of airport on behalf of EPA Thessalonikis SA.


Cathodic protection is a method which is used to control the corrosion of the metallic surfaces. The system protects a big range of metallic constructions such as steel pipes, pipes of medium pressure.

EDIL HELLAS during last three years, made projects for EPA Thessaloniki SA, in regions such as Euosmos and Peraia.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Networks

SCADA systems, describes systems which controls features and units of one installation. Quick and easy data transfer via mobile phone or tablet or any electronic devise customer wants, for these systems this is the comparative advantage.

In order to construct Intermediate Reducers EPA Thessaloniki required controlling via SCADA systems. Around the area of Thessaloniki constructed from EDIL HELLAS such systems, giving the advantage of controlling the IRI’s from distance.  





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