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Natural Gas is the most popular and important fuel of our times, especially in urban centers and mainly in established applications as industries and residences without of course to exclude that lately, there is an intense interest and development in the transportation area, i.e. cars’ use. The main advantages of Natural Gas toward its major competitor petroleum identified in the treatment, processing needs until the final disposal and its natural features.

Natural Gas reaches the final consumer almost as its mined unlikely petroleum which from its mining to consumption mediates number of physical processes.

Regarding its physical attribute, Natural Gas does not have randomly the reputation as the “clean fuel”, considering that its texture and the products of combustion do not specify any immediate danger neither for the public health nor for the environment. 

Reversely, natural gas have high and stable efficiency grade regarding combustion processes with an immediate positive impact on a very important issue of saving. 

The chemical texture of Natural Gas is equivalent with the Methane (CH4) texture, but because along with Methane and other hydrocarbons could exist in a percentage of 8% to 15 %, reasonably characterized as mixture of hydrocarbons. Methane under normal conditions stands in gaseous phase (vaporized in -161 °C), it’s odorless and colorless. The individual odor that Natural Gas has is an artificial way for security reasons.    

Natural Gas reaches final consumer mostly through networks. For its transportation to tanks required condensation and this is an expensive procedure, until recently the transportation was becoming only by the sea through special tankers. Lately though, there is a very intense movability for adoption the particular fuel as transportation fuel, this is something that prejudges the development and the consolidation of technics and bottling stations.

As basic application of Natural Gas are considered all the thermal industrial processes and all the domestic heating applications. Very intense development is observed to electricity production field in which Natural Gas would replace Petroleum’s use and to a smaller scale all polluting coals.   

Natural Gas’ distribution, in Greece, is made by the local distribution companies named as EPA. For the region of Athens the responsible company is EPA Attikis SA. The first company that operated in Greece was the one from Thessaloniki. Apart from the above mentioned, another company operates in the area of Thessaly, EPA Thessaly SA, responsible for Larisa, Volos, Karditsa and Trikala. Prices are made by regional EPA. Natural Gas is coming mainly from Russia and Algeria, while small quantities are coming from Kavala’s domestic deposits.    

The installation for natural gas facilities are made by private technical companies, which are responsible for the proper implementation and in accordance to Greek specifications and technical regulation, of every supply operation and security system that comprise the Indoor Facility.


EDIL HELLAS is one of the first companies that have adopted technologies of natural gas area and organized the promotion, installation and the management. With our highly trained and experienced staff, EDIL HELLAS SA became one of the most reliable energy advisors for any residential or industrial customer, considering that we are able to offer a full range of services, starting from designing, construction, equipment’s maintenance and finally energy management.

EDIL HELLAS continuously improve the services that provide following the evolution of technology, with staff’s training and by maintaining and expanding domestic and international partnerships. EDIL HELLAS involved in natural gas network constructions, industrial, business and residential installation and also providing services to all applications.    

Nowadays, one of the major construction companies that EPA Thessaloniki & EPA Thessaly trusts, regarding network constructions in the city of Thessaloniki and in the greater area of Karditsa and Trikala.

Employing more than 80 people, mechanicals, engineers, technicians, skilled workers and fully private equipment, the company in our days implement one of the largest infrastructure projects and supply of natural gas in Greece.  

The Projects Include:

• Construction of low and medium pressure network

• Construction of Service Lines

• Construction of risers

EDIL HELLAS constantly pioneers, introducing and offering to Greek market, innovations in order to succeed for the efficient use of gas.

The company sells & installs to its customers, the most reliable equipment, collaborating with the largest European manufacturers of gas equipment as:

• Boilers & Gas Burners

• Gas Fired & Water Fired

• Heat Pumps with internal combustion engine

Radiation Mirrors









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