EDIL Hellas Intelligent Pigging method

The pipeline was constructed with the method of Horizontal Directional Drilling by DESFA for the purpose of connecting the Elpe Elefsina Refinery with the high-pressure gas network.

Following the installation inside the HDD tunnel, the cathodic protection of the pipeline was measured and found out-of-limits. It became paramount for DESFA to have the pipeline inspected to ensure its integrity prior to commissioning.

As a turn-key contractor, Edil performed the inspection in association with two of the world’s leaders of In-Line-Inspection TECMA SRL and PII_GE and provisioning one of the highest in accuracy tools available in the market. Liquid Nitrogen at 25 bars was used to propel the tool inside the
pipeline. The pipeline was inspected for:

  1. Metal loss in the inner & outer surface in the 3 directions
  2. Geometry anomalies
  3. Exact positioning of the pipeline (X, Y, Z coordinates)
  4. Strain screening analysis with strain calculations.

Data were dispatched from the field to the PII_GE lab for in-depth analysis. A screening report for the findings was produced. Based on this report, DESFA was able to proceed with the certification and the commissioning of the pipeline which was found fit and was put in operation (1).

About Edil Hellas

Edil Hellas is one of the leading technical Group of companies in Greece providing solutions and services for the Oil & Gas, Telecom and General Construction markets. For the Gas & Oil sector services include Pipeline Construction, Integrity Assessment, Hot tapping, 24/7 alert & emergency repairs, Patrolling, Gas leakage detection, Pipeline cleaning, NDT, cathodic protection, Nitrogen inertisation, Valves and fittings live substitutions, Isolation joints installation and SCADA.

(1) DESFA announces the establishment of the Exit Point ‘ELPE-VEE’, at the south zone of the NNGTS , having technical capacity equal to 20.088,000 MWh / Day and Delivery Pressure ranging between 25 and 64 barg http://www.desfa.gr/default.asp?pid=700&rID=1621&la=1